Building Costs FAQs

The following sq meter rates are a guide only.

Dwelling Free Standing Brick veneer: $2000 Sqm
Dwelling Free Standing Timber Frame: $1800 Sqm
Dual Occupancy (Base Figure) Brick vaneer: $ 1500 Sqm

Additions: Ground Floor Timber: $1800 Sqm
Additions: Ground Floor Brick vaneer: $2000 Sqm
Additions: First Floor: $ 2500 Sqm

Garages Metal Kit: $500 Sqm
Garages Cladded Timber Frame: $800 Sqm
Garages Brick: $ 950 Sqm

Carport without new slab: $250 Sqm
Carport with new slab: $400 Sqm

Timber Deck unroofed: $400 Sqm
Timber Deck roofed: $750 Sqm
Pergola unroofed: $250 Sqm
Pergola roofed: $350 Sqm

Retaining Walls Brick(1m high): $640 Linear
Retaining Walls Brick / Treated Pine(1m high): $400 Linear

In Ground Pool <40 sq m Concrete: $42400 Complete
In Ground Pool <40 sq m Fibreglass: $33000 Complete
Above Ground Pool <40 sq m Vinyl: $15000 Complete